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We are a global forwarder who offers youthe best service for the best possible rates.
Their staff is highly motivated and welltrained to meet all your requirements.
Their specialism is shipping all kinds of cargos to West Africa. In this field, they are
market leader with an estimated 10.500 teu's ex Europe on a yearly basis.

Looking into the future, they are also developing cross trade shipments from the Far East to
the Western parts of Africa to offer global services to their clients.

The head office is in Rotterdam from where they arrange all traffic and offer tailor-made transport solutions. In order to even better servetheir biggest clientele, the Ghanaian individuals, they have established 3 subsidiaries in Europe both with their own premises, which enable the customers to load their containers in their own pace.

These premises are strategically located in Amsterdam (Netherlands), Hamburg (Germany) and near London (UK) as these cities harbour great Ghanaian communities.

On the other hand, TWS can count on the support of big exporting companies,which use their experience to be assured that their goods will arrive at their destination in an orderly fashion. In order to give the customers a good service all the way, TWS has founded Van Uden Ghana Ltd. in Tema to handle all incoming cargo in the port of Tema (Ghana).

Therefore, they can say that they can really move all cargo to West Africa

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